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Hi. My name is Sergey Daniloff. I am a responsible and result-driven full-stack web-developer. I always educate myself in using simple and elegant solutions for difficult tasks. I am master in wider range of computer languages (JavaScript /Typescript, Python or .NET), software architecture, OOP, functional or reactive concepts.
Always eager to improve and learn more, using all my maturity and engineering experience to surpass all problems. Currently I am improving my experience in Machine Learning area.

Please check my GitHub account for more details or check my Projects.


My talks

Presentations about new and interesting things connected to JavaScript, but not only

Title Links Description
Data tier in JS app (December 2015) Slides Video It describes role and advantages of data tier in app. Shows solutions available on the market and possible approaches with adapter based implementation.
Angular 2.0 — first look (August 2015) Slides Video Demo Code Presentation about new features in Angular 2.0, a bit of history and technical details for decorators / annotations, change detections and templates syntax. Of course comparison performance between angular 1.x and angular 2.0 (alpha) was mentioned. An example of Angular 2.0 (alpha-33), ToDo application with Babel, SystemJS and DI (3 components and model) was presented in demo . It’s a first demo with all original functionality (to be honest I didn’t find existing example with all features so has worked out of the box).
Kea-config — configuration manager for Node.js (July 2015) Slides Video Code High performance Node.js configuration manager. Set of settings which is dependent from environment. In production and development it means that connection to DB could be changed automatically based on process.env.NODE_ENV


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