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Fluky - random number generator library

I was always curious about Random Number Generator (RNG) implementation. The magic how from few numbers inside it generates long sequence “randomly” distributed numbers. I did few experiments on my ZX Spectrum with it limited performance. And this article I would like to share the fluky library.

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Proj 2048

A few years ago Gabriele Cirulli developed a sliding puzzle where the goal is to grow tiles and get up to 2048. My β€œProj 2048” is about implementing several agents to play. Which should get tiles up to 4096 or maybe even 64536 (if it’s possible of course) πŸ˜‰.

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First post

Hi. My name is Sergii. Recently I decided to create a blog and note interesting things.

Here you go - my very first post.

As an engineer, I currently like to play with Golang, Python, and JavaScript or TypeScript (I started with JS way before it started to be so popular).

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Project 2048


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Algorithms and Data Structures in Typescript


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Data tier in JS app

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Angular 2.0 β€” first look

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